The Tribulations of the Trotsky Twitterati

Life must be tiring for the modern day, media-savvy lefty. I came to this conclusion yesterday as, due to the strenuous demands of a modern-day PR agency, my sole source of election info was Twitter. If the venomous missives darting about are anything to go by then this coalition has got many of them hot under the collar, the lefties that is. I mean really angry, and it takes a lot of energy to be that mad.

I can understand it of course … no-one likes to be a loser. As the morning-after-the-night-before dawns, it’s then the frustration sets in and the more hot-headed and technologically adept among them spew forth their acerbic 140 characters of rot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that everyone who supports the Labour Party is a militant Trotskyite – I have some friends who voted for Gordon Brown and they are perfectly level headed, decent people – it just seems that most of those occupying the online space, are.

And judging by their comments, there is a couple of basic truths these people refuse to accept. The first is something so fundamental it barely needs saying – last Thursday, they lost the right to govern. The public decided they’d had enough of Gordon Brown and the Labour party. Deal with it; it’s what happens in elections.

The second is the one that really sets my teeth on edge. It’s the supercilious belief that by the very dint of being on the left, they have achieved some sort of enlightened moral high-ground. Beyond this, it appears, further reason or justification isn’t necessary. But a cursory glance at the last 13 years reveals that, if this ever was the case, and I don’t believe it was, it certainly isn’t now: The 45-minute claim, David Kelly, compulsory national ID cards, the worst economic crisis since the depression (OK, not entirely Labour’s fault, but Brown’s insistence he had abolished boom and bust and Mandy’s filthy rich comment hardly helped), 45 per cent of families net beneficiaries of the tax system, etc, etc. The list goes on. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Proponents of the left will no doubt point to the minimum wage, investment in the NHS, tax credits, free winter fuel and bus passes for the elderly, among other things, as achievements, and that’s all very well. But if ever I sire any offspring, it will be they, and their children, who will pay for these things because of the other great legacy of the Labour administration … that deficit.

Perhaps though, that thought will be the only thing to bring some solace to the Trotskyite Tweeterati as they face life in opposition – the fact that the crippling debt facing the country could leave generations of Britons impoverished. Because despite advances in politics and technology, it seems their central philosophy is still one of class hatred and the desire, not to make life better for the worst off, but to bring down all those that they despise.

And carrying a chip around that size really has to take it out of you.

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