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Where Will it All End? Trying to Make Sense of the Chaos

Where Will it All End? Trying to Make Sense of the Chaos

Reviewing just a small amount of election coverage this morning reminded me of a very old and rather pathetic joke … What do triggernometry and an erection have in common? Answer: The more you think about them, the harder they get. Ha-blood-ha. However, it does kind of sum up how I and a few others [...]

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TV debate

We’ve Heard It All Before, Honest

Finally we can all relax, the battles are over and all that’s left for us to do is decide who wins the war. In fairness, the last debate made pretty compelling viewing because it was the first one to live up to the description. In parts it looked more like a playground squabble, but at [...]

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Will it be The Sun Wot Wins It again?

In the immediate aftermath of the 1992 general election a catch-phrase was born so brazen it would be wheeled out in one form or another in every subsequent high-profile political battle.
It didn’t come from well rehearsed MP’s rhetoric – none of which is remembered by anyone except analysts, pundits and speech writers – but a [...]

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