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Pride, False Prophets and Making a Difference

I never intended to be a PR man it just worked out that way. I don’t mind though, there are after all worse things; despotic dictator for instance, one-armed masseur, guano collector. But following my line of work means I’m well acquainted with the practice of spin which, as an art form, if carried out [...]

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Visionary? Lunatic More Like

I’ve met a few egomaniacs in my time – some justifiably so – most just plain deluded.
But even the worse offenders haven’t yet stooped to the level of a new trend that seems to be gathering pace on LinkedIn.
Nothing puts me off a person more than seeing they’ve written “visionary” on their profile.
Surely that level [...]

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PR Begins At Home

PR means different things to different people. Spin is a word that comes readily to mind for some, whereas to others it’s a valuable communication tool. Lunch and champers are two words that are also inextricably linked with the profession, but sadly in a northern industrial city, and in these post-apocalyptic, sorry recession days, these [...]

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More Words and Phrases That Really Wind Me Up

Previously I have written about the words and phrases that really wind me up. At the time it was cathartic and gave me an immense feeling of satisfaction but I feel I may have been disingenuous – I may have wrongly implied that it was a comprehensive list. But, dear reader, nothing could be further [...]

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Less Is More … For All Our Sake’s

I have a friend who I only see now at Christmas. He is an old man – past 80 – a former farm labourer and a contemporary of my grandfather’s. I like to see him for a number of reasons; firstly, I enjoy his company greatly. Also, he always plies me with whisky – way more than is [...]

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Creative Content Reigns Supreme

My current role, as a director of The PR Company, is not my first brush with public relations. Back when I was studying for my NCTJ reporting exams I dabbled in the dark arts to raise a bit of extra revenue and build a portfolio for job interviews. I was cheap (that much hasn’t changed) [...]

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Alan Sugar

Almost Worth Prison

Morally speaking, I’m not averse to the prospect of killing a fellow human being. Thankfully not one of the many situations which would elicit such an action have yet come to pass, but the potential is there; I feel it, lurking restlessly in the muddied backwaters of my psyche. Repressed, like some corrosive secret, is all [...]

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false prophets

Shakespeare They Are Not

When Jon Moss (founder of marketing consultancy theappleofmyi.com and the greatest technical mind of his generation) created this site, we agreed on the strap line My Views and Thoughts on PR and Life. But over the weeks I’ve been posting, I have come to realise I write very little about PR. I think it’s because I spend my [...]

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Cambridge uni

Why If You’re Poor, You Probably Won’t Go to Oxford

Surprise, surprise – after 13 years of Labour rule, and the establishment of a quango specifically charged with getting more poor kids into the country’s top universities, there is now less chance of a working class teenager attending Oxbridge than before the party came to power.
Indeed, according to figures released this week, the richest fifth of UK [...]

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Crossing to the dark side: From Journalism to PR

Crossing to the dark side: From Journalism to PR

A journalist friend of mine recently inquired how my transition into PR was going. In fact his exact words were: “Are you bathing in liquid gold, eating endangered species and surrounded by topless beauties as usual this afternoon?”
I was, at the time, working on a proposal for a sewage treatment company, but didn’t have the [...]

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