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Man in hat

Mad Hatters and English Men

Recently I’ve been in two minds about what topic to address next through the pages of this blog. Clearly the new churnalism.com website has serious implications for how I peddle my dubious services, and is something I really ought to turn my mind to. But there is another subject laying restlessly on my mind at [...]

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Peculiar Things I Contemplate While Out Cycling Part 1

Recently, while cycling through the East Yorkshire countryside, two thoughts came to mind. The first was that we are not a county of music lovers. This I deduced from the number of discarded CDs lying soiled in the hedge bottoms; one every few hundred yards it seemed, for the entire course of a 60 mile [...]

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Less Is More … For All Our Sake’s

I have a friend who I only see now at Christmas. He is an old man – past 80 – a former farm labourer and a contemporary of my grandfather’s. I like to see him for a number of reasons; firstly, I enjoy his company greatly. Also, he always plies me with whisky – way more than is [...]

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Creative Content Reigns Supreme

My current role, as a director of The PR Company, is not my first brush with public relations. Back when I was studying for my NCTJ reporting exams I dabbled in the dark arts to raise a bit of extra revenue and build a portfolio for job interviews. I was cheap (that much hasn’t changed) [...]

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Shakespeare And The Art Of Making Coffee

I hate TV advertising, on the whole, because it is intrusive. Fine, I recognise it is an integral part of the commercial broadcaster’s business model and from that point of view a necessary evil, but unless it contributes value to my life I generally switch the sound off.
Of course if it’s Uma Thurman trying to [...]

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Paris at night

Europe: What’s It Ever Done For Us?

If there is one piece of information that true-born English folk arrive in this world acutely aware of it is this – tea should be made with boiling water. It is as ingrained within us as the Lord’s Prayer, the national anthem (well the first verse at least) and the theme tune to X-Factor. It [...]

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Superman and Lex Luthor

He’s Not From This World

As some of my beleaguered twitter follows may have picked up on, I have recently started cycling to work. Out of a desire to shed a couple of pounds, cut my exorbitant monthly fuel bill and reduce my carbon footprint, for the last couple of weeks I have been peddling the 50 mile round trip [...]

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pink shirt

In Defence of the Pink Shirt

A few years ago I read something disturbing in the Telegraph. This is unusual as I normally find most commentary in that particular publication agreeable, if not positively sensible. But not on this occasion. Indeed, so perplexing was the assertion under scrutiny that it led me to question my own sartorial judgement – something of which I [...]

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Words and Phrases That Really Wind Me Up

Like most people who work with words, and many who don’t, I adore the English language. Its binding power underpins everything I do professionally and personally and my use and misuse of it, and that of others, has brought me applause and condemnation, pain and pleasure, gratification, wealth, poverty, sex and love at different points throughout my life.
And [...]

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false prophets

Shakespeare They Are Not

When Jon Moss (founder of marketing consultancy theappleofmyi.com and the greatest technical mind of his generation) created this site, we agreed on the strap line My Views and Thoughts on PR and Life. But over the weeks I’ve been posting, I have come to realise I write very little about PR. I think it’s because I spend my [...]

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