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The True Cost of Global Warming

One criticism that could justifiably be levelled at this blog is that sometimes it errs on the side of frivolity. Inane I hope is too cruel a word, but at its most superficial it is perhaps not so very far from the truth.
Today however, more pressing matters occupy the old grey matter; things that could have [...]

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Madder Hatters and English Men Part II

Continuing our foray into gentlemanly headwear, it is necessary to consider its popularity and application in the UK’s urban environments.
Whereas it would be perhaps a slight exaggeration to describe the countryside as a stronghold of hat-based activity, certainly it is much more popular there than it now is in all the great metropolises. This is [...]

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Man in hat

Mad Hatters and English Men

Recently I’ve been in two minds about what topic to address next through the pages of this blog. Clearly the new website has serious implications for how I peddle my dubious services, and is something I really ought to turn my mind to. But there is another subject laying restlessly on my mind at [...]

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Edward Fox

Further Confessions Of A Closet Gentleman

Lurking at the back of my personal effects drawer, behind an assortment of silk handkerchiefs, cufflinks and elastic metal armbands lays my darkest sartorial secret. Although just a narrow band of patterned material, this garment is for me the love that dare not speak its name and as such is something I rarely wear outside my bedroom.
But recently I’ve felt [...]

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Peter O Toole

Contemplations On The Pocket Square

Hardy Amies made a good point when he wrote: “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.”
It is something, as gentlemen, we should all strive to live by but nowhere does it fall down more than in the sartorial [...]

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pink shirt

In Defence of the Pink Shirt

A few years ago I read something disturbing in the Telegraph. This is unusual as I normally find most commentary in that particular publication agreeable, if not positively sensible. But not on this occasion. Indeed, so perplexing was the assertion under scrutiny that it led me to question my own sartorial judgement – something of which I [...]

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Some Musings on Socks

Sockage is a much ignored aspect of gentlemanly attire, which is a shame. While it would be an exaggeration to suggest a man can be well dressed in socks and socks alone, it is certainly true the right choice of hosiery elevates further a well-orchestrated outfit. In his definitive work, Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to [...]

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Marriage and the Confessions of a Tweedaholic

Marriage and the Confessions of a Tweedaholic

A person’s wedding day, it is generally agreed, is, or should be, the happiest day of their lives’. Well if that’s the case then my own nuptials, due to take place in just a few short weeks, better be good – I mean really good – because they’ve got a lot to live up to. [...]

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