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No other season has inspired poets and writers like autumn. From Keat’s season of mellow fruitfulness to Browing’s gigantic smile o’ brown old earth, autumn has been celebrated by masterful wordsmiths for time immemorial.
Spring, of course, is the bringer of new life and summer, at best, the extravagant celebration of all that life is.
But it [...]

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Only In England

England, some would have it, is not the country it once was. We are losing our culture, our heritage, our identity, they say. Quite who ‘they’ are of course remains a mystery, but they say a lot. Occasionally they make sense. Usually they don’t.
But one thing they cannot say is that we’re no longer a [...]

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Leave my melatonin alone

I’m in the wrong business. I should be in the screens business. Making them, selling them, whatever, but screens are where it’s at. This occurred to me the other day when someone asked me if I liked e-readers. I don’t, as a rule. Not that I single them out specifically for scorn, it’s just that [...]

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Atheism Requires too much Faith (for my liking)

What’s your default religious setting? Agnostic? Atheist? Believer? Default being the position you’re reduced to when dangling perilously over troubled waters; the one inspired by fear of death or eternal loneliness; the thing that remains when rational thought has left the building.
For a long time mine was atheist, and proudly, vocally so. I adopted this [...]

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Don’t Forget the Laces Jeeves

A minor aristocrat, whose name eludes me right now, once claimed that the end of western civilisation was marked not by World War One or any other heinous conflict, but when it no longer became possible to employ a valet who would iron his shoelaces. Rumour has it Prince Charles’s gentlemen’s personal gentlemen still carries [...]

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Publish and be Damned

Regular readers of this site – both of them – may have noticed I’ve taken a break from blogging recently. This is not a deliberate move, more the fact that my ‘leisure’ time has been taken up by a new endeavour, fiction writing, and I’ve had less time to concentrate on the spurious ramblings I inflict [...]

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The True Cost of Global Warming

One criticism that could justifiably be levelled at this blog is that sometimes it errs on the side of frivolity. Inane I hope is too cruel a word, but at its most superficial it is perhaps not so very far from the truth.
Today however, more pressing matters occupy the old grey matter; things that could have [...]

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In Praise of the Happy Amateur

Most people I know inhabit a professional world and as such know that, try to make something of yourself and you’ll find your head occupied nearly every hour of every day by what you should be doing, when, for how long and who with. Combine this with our money and celebrity-obsessed culture, which advances the [...]

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Magnificent Ways to Die

I don’t, as a rule, contemplate death often – it’s a bit depressing and I’m too busy living life, etc, etc. However, recently I’ve been doing just that and after extensive consideration I’ve decided that if I do have to go early, I want to be mauled by a large, dangerous animal – a lion [...]

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My Heart’s in the Highlands

If humans are plagued by an internal dialogue it is that of the romantic and pragmatist.
The romantic dreams of escape – of who we could become if we altered things, of whom we will become when we alter things.
But the pragmatist sighs, eyes the gas bill, the mortgage statement, the empty cupboard, and realises change [...]

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