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Guest Post: Legal Considerations for Employers Using Social Network Sites

Guest post by Jonathan Dale, Partner at Andrew Jackson law firm in Hull.
Employers whose employees’ jobs include promoting their business on Twitter and other networking websites need to make sure details of the employees’ ‘followers’ belong to the business when an employee leaves.
If employees are encouraged or required by their employer to join business networking websites like [...]

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Deliver Us From The Tyranny of Pavlov

When I was a lecturer I used to punish students who hadn’t worked hard enough by telling them to write 2,000 words exploring the proposition that: “Pavlov’s dogs were only so because they could not find a way to be unconditioned.”
It’s a line I took from Brian Keenan’s harrowing masterpiece An Evil Cradling, which describes [...]

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Seb Horsley

Dandy In The Afterlife

Any man with more than a passing interest in clothes will be no stranger to the term dandy. It’s a word that conjures up thoughts of decadence and debauchery and has been levelled at individuals from Oscar Wilde to Andy Warhol and, in literature, Poirot and Wodehouse’s Rupert Psmith, predominantly due to their exacting sartorial standards.
But [...]

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false prophets

Shakespeare They Are Not

When Jon Moss (founder of marketing consultancy and the greatest technical mind of his generation) created this site, we agreed on the strap line My Views and Thoughts on PR and Life. But over the weeks I’ve been posting, I have come to realise I write very little about PR. I think it’s because I spend my [...]

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wind turbines 2

Reflections on a Changing Landscape

This picture represents a single moment in the life of an evolving landscape. It was taken two weeks ago at the point where the River Aire melds with the Ouse, before the latter goes on to join the Trent and the two of them form the Humber Estuary.
It’s a very different scene from the one that would have [...]

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port of hull

I Still Think We Should Put Healey in Stocks …

During the final months of my last reporting job, I became more than a little disillusioned with the state of local journalism. Part of this sentiment was fuelled by reading Nick Davies’ seminal work Flat Earth News, that’s true, (although I can’t have learned those lessons too well – I now work in PR) but [...]

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